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service-img-chiropracticAs a healthcare discipline, Chiropractic is based upon a principled belief in the dangers of spinal misalignments. Chiropractors believe that these misalignments can cause a profound imbalance throughout the entire body, thereby interfering with the body’s ability to function normally.

Chiroworks’ goal is to alleviate these misalignments in order to guide you back on the road to health, comfort and overall wellbeing.

To achieve this result, Chiroworks uses a combination of manual and/or low-force adjusting techniques. The Chiroworks team utilizes a variety of physical therapy modalities, including ice and heat applications, interferential current, ultrasound, combination therapy and thumper.

At Chiroworks, these and all other Chiropractic services are performed by highly trained professionals with years of experience and education.

To find out more about the Chiropractic services available at Chiroworks, please use the Patient Care links.