Chiroworks requires a complete picture of your unique, individual health in order to provide you with the best possible treatment. Here’s what you can expect might happen on your first visit:

The chiropractor may ask about the following:bend-backwards-img

  • Personal and family medical history
  • Major illnesses you have experienced
  • Past surgeries or operations
  • Current medications
  • Your diet and exercise regimen
  • Your work and leisure activities
  • Your sleeping habits

The chiropractor may perform the following evaluations:

  • Check of your blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate
  • Check of your reflexes
  • Test of your muscle strength, flexibilty and coordination
  • Analysis of your posture
  • X-ray of your spine
  • Analysis of your movement (e.g. observing how you walk or lift objects)

Diagnostic chiropractic treatment usually involves:

  • Listening to you describe your pain and symptoms
  • Locating the exact problem area using human touch
  • Testing how far you can move in the problem area
  • Determining if other parts of your body are affected by the problem

Helpful advice: Bring any copies of previous x-rays you might have in your possession. These assessments can give the chiropractor a better picture of your complete health. If your chiropractor diagnoses a problem that would be better treated by another healthcare professional, he or she will make an appropriate referral. Otherwise, your chiropractor will focus on the specific cause of your pain.