Becoming a patient at Chiroworks is simple and easy!

How to become a patient: Just give us call, email us or drop in to our facility and speak directly with our friendly and professional staff. All the pertinent contact information for our facility can be found in the contact section of the website.

You can also download the initial patient form and view our fee schedule by clicking here.


A common question we get is “how long should chiropractic treatment continue?” We will discuss the need for any ongoing care with you, and it will depend on your specific problem. For most people, the need is for immediate relief, but we can provide you with different levels of care.

Relief Care is provided for immediate pain and discomfort. Depending on the diagnosis, your age and physical condition, one visit, or several visits over a short period of time may be required.

Corrective Care treats long term spinal problems. Because these problems have existed for some time they require a longer, more complex period of care, which may include a customized exercise program.

Supportive or Maintenance Care helps you maintain and enjoy the benefits you’ve achieved from relief and corrective care. Continuing to work with your chiropractor and having adjustments once in a while will keep your spine as healthy as possible.

Every individual is different, and Chiroworks will recommend a course of care that is right for you. If chiropractic care is not the best solution for your specific health problem, Chiroworks will make an appropriate referral.