Because the foot is always in motion, it is constantly under enormous pressure from the body’s weight. As you walk or run, your entire weight lands on your feet, up to 15,000 times in a single day. Doctors and scientists now know that many problems with the feet, legs and lower back can be remedied with the proper orthotics. If you have experienced discomfort or pain, Orthotics can provide relief quickly, easily and painlessly.

Chiroworks works closely with Footmaxx, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art, made-in-Canada orthotics. Footmaxx orthotics are thin and lightweight, and they fit easily and discreetly into your existing footwear. This means you can wear your favourite, most stylish shoes and still receive a medically appropriate level of support and correction.

Chiroworks uses state-of-the-art Footmaxx technology for computerized gait analysis and prescription. The Footmaxx system analyzes the way you walk by scanning the bottom of your feet while you step across a pressure-sensitive mat. Chiroworks then enters the recorded data into a proprietary software system, which helps to formulate an accurate diagnosis. Chiroworks can provide its patients with a “pre-determination of need” by ordering a customized Footmaxx Gait and Pressure Analysis Report. This report presents clinical analysis, statements, summaries and conclusions concerning your foot function.

Back pain? Hip pain? Knee pain? Foot pain? Chiroworks offers corrective foot orthotics made especially for you from the FOOTMAXX orthotic product line:

  • Standard: Men’s/Women’s Dress, Women’s Fashion, Allsport, Golf, Ski/Skate, Marathoner, Court
  • Diabetic: Accommodative/Corrective
  • Arthritic: Accommodative/Corrective
  • Sportmaxx: Pro-Baseball, Pro-Basketball, Pro-Football, Pro-Hockey, Pro-Ski, Pro-Soccer, Pro-Tennis, Pro-Crosstrainer, Pro-Marathoner, Pro-Golf
  • Sandals: Milano, Capri, (Women’s) Roma, Napoli, (Men’s)
  • Non-Prescription: Accommodative Insole